Calendar of Events

Events in September 2022

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August 29, 2022(1 event)

First Day: Gan  Rimon Classroom

August 30, 2022 August 31, 2022(2 events)

Early Dismissal: High Road-(Queen)

First Day: Bridges

September 1, 2022(1 event)

CLOSED: Preschool, Presch-FT

September 2, 2022(2 events)

CLOSED: Bermudian Springs, East Berlin CC, Gettysburg, Hanover, High Road-(Queen), New Vision of Hanover, Preschool, Presch-FT,  South Eastern, York Tech

Early Dismissal: High Road-(Prospect), Lincoln Charter, New Story, River Rock

September 5, 2022(1 event)

CLOSED: ALL Districts Closed  

September 6, 2022(1 event)

CLOSED: Preschool, Presch-FT

September 7, 2022(2 events)

Early Dismissal: York City

Early Dismissal: York Academy Regional

September 8, 2022 September 9, 2022(1 event)

PAPERWORK DUE!:   ASAP... or by  September 9th

September 12, 2022 September 13, 2022 September 14, 2022(2 events)

2 HR Delay: Hanover, New Visions of Hanover

Early Dismissal: High Road-(Queen), York City

September 15, 2022 September 16, 2022(2 events)

CLOSED: Spring Grove

Early Dismissal: Bermudian Springs, Central, East Berlin CC, Eastern, Lincoln Charter, South Western, West York

September 19, 2022(2 events)

2 HR Delay: Red Lion

CLOSED: Littlestown

September 20, 2022 September 21, 2022(2 events)

CLOSED: Preschool, Presch-FT

Early Dismissal: Leg Up Farm-(new visions), Northeastern, Soaring Heights, York Academy Regional, York City

September 22, 2022 September 23, 2022(1 event)

Early Dismissal: Dallastown, High Road-(Prospect), New Story, Southern

September 26, 2022(2 events)

CLOSED: York Suburban

Early Dismissal: Conewago Valley

September 27, 2022 September 28, 2022(2 events)


Early Dismissal: High Road-[Queen], York City

September 29, 2022(2 events)


Early Dismissal: Dover

September 30, 2022(2 events)

CLOSED: Dover, Janus

Early Dismissal: South Eastern, West York