LIU Transportation Rules

The primary mission of the Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12, Transportation Department is to provide safe, appropriate, and cost effective transportation service to the students of the Member School Districts of the Lincoln Intermediate Unit.

Our primary goals are to provide a safe means of transporting each student in as short a period of time as possible, to train our drivers and assistants to better understand the students they transport, to provide a safe environment for them, and to ensure that all vehicles are safe, clean and properly equipped.

We need your help to achieve these goals. You can assist us by reviewing and following these transportation guidelines.

Parents/guardians are responsible for putting their son/daughter on the bus and for taking them off the bus.

The van driver will wait up to three (3) minutes for a student to board after they have reached the students pickup location. The driver can not return later because it will disrupt the schedule for many other students.

Parents are to notify their driver or the transportation office in advance if their son/daughter will not be riding the bus.

If a student does not ride the bus to school, please notify the transportation department or your child’s driver if they will need a ride home.

If the parent is not home when the van returns with your son/daughter, he/she will be transported back to school or to The County Children & Youth Service office unless prior permission is given in writing to the driver to leave them alone at home. If a student is returned to school, it will be the parents’ responsibility to provide the transportation home.

The van driver is not permitted to deliver verbal messages for parents. Since our vehicles all run on a time schedule, our drivers are instructed not to stop and hold lengthy conversations with parents. Parents should send a note with their son or daughter regarding any messages for the teacher.

For the safety of all the students, no smoking, eating, drinking, profane language or sharp objects are permitted on any of our vehicles.

Students are to remain seated while riding on the van. All passengers need to have seat belts on at all times.

If you need to change your son/daughter’s bus stop, contact the transportation office immediately.

With the need to accommodate parent’s work schedules, the transportation will pickup or drop off at one location other then the home in which the student resides. We can not accommodate several different babysitters and various locations.

Medication should be handed to the van driver who will see the the school staff receives them.

If your son/daughter is allowed to stay in the home upon returning from school when you are not there, please write a note to the driver stating that he/she has your permission to do so. [Permission Slip]

School bus drivers are responsible for the safety of their vehicles and passengers. Students should behave in a way which promotes the welfare and safety of all. LIU and school district staff have developed transportation policies which describe rules of student conduct and consequences for inappropriate behavior. Your cooperation is essential in providing safe transportation service. Please stress to your child the importance of cooperating with the bus driver.

It is always important in your son/daughter’s education to have home/school cooperation, and we do thank you for your efforts regarding the safe transportation for your child.