Parents’ Information

Transportation Requests

After it has been determined that a child needs LIU transportation services, the school district sends a written request to LIU’s Department of Transportation. Transportation will normally be provided three days after receipt of request. The driver will contact the student’s parents with the pickup and drop-off times.

Pickup and Dropoff Procedures

Students must be fully clothed, toileted, and ready for pickup at least five minutes prior to his/her scheduled pickup time. The driver will not blow the horn or call the home while waiting. Parents/student must be watching for the van. The van will wait 3 minutes after the scheduled pickup time. The van must leave if your child is not approaching and boarding, and the van will not wait for students not prepared for the van ride.

The parent is responsible for assisting the student from the house to the van in the am and from the van to the house in the pm. The driver will be ready to assist the student on and off the van.

The parent or an approved adult is responsible for being at the designated drop-off stop to receive the child when the van arrives. Students will not be left unattended by the driver unless a signed form has been submitted by the parent/guardian.
[Permission Slip]

Parents are encouraged to notify the driver or the office when your child will not be riding the van.

Students may be picked up or dropped off at another location, such as a babysitter or childcare. This applies to daily situations and not to one time or infrequent circumstances which may arise. Permission to do this is granted by the director of transportation. Please contact the office with any change of address or phone number.

Emergency Information Form (901)

Each parent will be provided with an emergency information form. The completion of this form will enable the driver to transport the child to an approved alternate address in case a situation delays you from being home at the scheduled drop-off time.

The alternate address must be in the general area of the designated drop-off area. If an emergency should arise, the parent is responsible for having another adult meet the van to accept the child. The driver will not deliver the child to another address unless an approved alternate address is on file. If no one is home to receive the child, the child will be returned to the school. The parent is responsible for picking up their child as soon as possible. The County Children & Youth Service Office may be notified if a parent can not be reached.

Students’ Behavior on Van

All students must follow bus rules for their safety and the safety of others. Please teach your child to consistently follow these safety rules:

  • Be on time for van services
  • Stay in assigned seat with seatbelt fastened
  • Respect others and their personal space
  • Refrain from using inappropriate language and gestures
  • No eating, drinking, or smoking on van

Van behavior problems are reported to the parent, teacher, and transportation office. The school and transportation will determine student disciplinary action, which may include detention, suspension from school or suspension from van. Conferences may be held with the parent, teacher, and driver to ensure safer bus behavior.

Route Changes and Delays

Students will be added and deleted from the program throughout the school year, therefore, time of pickup and dropoff may change. Every effort will be made to keep each trip to a maximum time of one hour and fifteen minutes.

Pickup and dropoff times should fall within a ten minute window of your scheduled time. If a breakdown or emergency occurs and the bus is delayed for over 15 minutes, every effort will be made to contact the parent. The school will also be contacted.